How to Choose Between a Pet Sitter and a Pet Hotel

April 13, 2017

It is not always possible to take your pet with you when you go out of town. When this occurs, finding quality pet care takes priority. Discerning pet owners know that veterinarian boarding is rarely the best choice because your dog or cat is forced to room next to sick animals, often in cramped quarters. The only options left are pet sitters and pet hotels.Pet sitter versus pet hotel

Pet Sitter Pros and Cons

The greatest benefit to hiring a pet sitter is that your pet gets to remain inside its home for the duration of your absence. Your best friend doesn’t suffer from the stress of sleeping, eating and playing in unfamiliar locations. A quality pet sitter will visit your home several times each day, play with your pet, provide food and ensure that all is well.

The cons to hiring a pet sitter are much greater. While your dog or cat may be more comfortable at home, in your absence your pet may grow distraught. This may cause your pet to forego sleep, skip meals or destroy furniture. Even worse, your pet may grow weary every time you leave them home, even for just a few hours. It is psychologically healthier to take your dog or cat outside of the home when you will be gone for extended periods.

Another con to hiring a pet sitter is that there is little to no oversight. You won’t know how well the pet sitter took care of your pet until you return home. Likewise, without 24/7 supervision, your pet could have an emergency situation arise with no one to help until the next time the pet sitter is scheduled to visit.

Pet Hotel Pros and Cons

A pet hotel has many benefits. First and foremost, you know that your pet will be well taken care of when you choose a highly rated pet hotel. Doggie daycares employ a number of individuals who are trained in taking care of dogs and cats. Rather than relying on one pet sitter, your pet has an entire staff at his bark and call.

The best pet hotels are posh places that pamper your pets. You can add grooming to your pet’s stay for an additional perk. Likewise, you can choose from pet hotels that have adequate space, both indoor and outdoor, for dogs and cats to play.

A pet hotel is a healthier and safer choice for a dog or cat than a pet sitter. Those that have staff around the clock can act immediately if there is a health concern. The animals are also in a contained environment where they will not accidentally injure themselves, which is not the case if they are left at home.

The sole downside to using a pet hotel is that you sometimes have to book well in advance. This is particularly true for the best hotels. If you are planning a trip out of town, make sure to book your pet hotel stay as soon as possible to ensure your best friend will have a safe and happy vacation.

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