You are on Vacation: Who is Walking Your Dog?

June 13, 2017

dog walkingRelax. You’re on vacation! Leave all of your worries at home, especially those that surround your beloved dog. Make sure your pet is well taken care of by choosing a dog boarding facility that focuses on keeping your dog as healthy and happy as possible. This includes the option of neighborhood walks.

Hiring a pet sitter does not guarantee that your dog will get the walks he or she needs. A pet sitter might rely on a fenced yard to provide exercise, which may not be enough for dogs that are unmotivated to run and play. The same may be true for dogs boarded at a veterinary facility. Pet hospitals and vets are often overtaxed with boarders and unable to walk each dog on their own.

The best option is a doggy daycare that offers daily walks as part of a lodging package or as an add-on. This lets you decide what is best for your pet. It also lets you enjoy your holiday because you know your dogs are enjoying theirs.

You may be asking yourself if it is important for your dog to go on regular walks while away from home. Of course, your dog thinks so. More importantly, veterinarians and other animal experts agree. Dogs need daily exercise, which becomes even more important as they age. They also need to be exposed to new environments and new smells. Dogs instinctively seek out new scents. Not giving them access is counter-intuitive to their nature.

Pacific Pet Resort™ has been boarding dogs in North County since 1979. Our long-term experience with dogs has taught us that they thrive on being walked every day. This is why we offer nature walks up to four times per day for all of our boarders. Our trained handlers ensure that dogs are safe and happy as they go on outdoor hikes. Once they return, they eat and sleep better than they would if they didn’t get this much needed exercise.

For more information on dog boarding and dog walks, please call us today at 760-433-3088.