I picked up my pup from a 4 week board and train obedience boot camp last week. Indigo was a very sweet and social dog, but extremely hyper! He would chew up my couches, dart at other dogs on walks to play, pull on the leash, stare at me with those little rebellious eyes when i gave him commands and just run away. If i didn’t take him on a hike or to the park or on a run at least once a day he was a nightmare in the house. I was unable to crate train him at all because of the barking and extreme anxiety and resistance to the crates. Aside from taking top-notch care of Indigo, Specialty Dog Training has completely surpassed my expectations. I am able to take Indigo on hikes OFF LEASH for hours and he obeys every command, stays in his heel, and even stays in place for an obnoxious amount of dog mom photos! Stephen did an OUTSTANDING job training him and teaching me how to keep up his training as well.  I no longer have to spend countless hours tiring Indigo out so that he doesn’t destroy my apartment and act crazy at home. He is overall very calm and obedient now. I honestly never thought I’d be able to take him on a walk without him running at other dogs to try to play and now I can tell him leave it and not only does he stay in his heel but he actually moves closer to me and turns his head away from the other dogs. Even more surprising is how well he has been doing in the crate. I used to get paws to the face and headbutts having to wrestle him in and now he goes in willingly, sleeps in it without the door trapping him inside, and stays quiet and calm when locked in. If you are trying to find a board and train obedience camp look no further! You’d be doing your dog a disservice sending them anywhere else! I will be a repeat customer whether it be for further training for Indigo or when I get another pup down the line.

— Felicia Valenti

Our new puppy began to display signs of aggression toward people and dogs alike at around 7 months of age or so. We contacted the trainer we had used for our first dog about a year earlier. We worked with our puppy and the trainer’s recommended course of action diligently for a couple more months with no real improvement.  She recommended a board-and-train, which was out of her scope of business and specifically told me to reach out to Graham Bloem and his team at Specialty Dog Training.  Our pup began a “boot camp” program where he was paired with his trainer Stephen Snyder. Upon meeting Stephen I felt very confident with their understanding of our pup’s issues and how they would come to remedy them. Stephen set forth realistic expectations and goals and explained the techniques they use to get there.  I am so happy to report that though the humans still need to catch up to our dogs progress, with a couple of post-camp lessons, the team at Specialty Dog Training (who also train service dogs for Shelter to Soldier) could not have been, and continues to be, more pleasant, understanding and helpful. Thank you all, you guys are fantastic!”

— Kelli Grove

Our first of two dogs that we sent to Graham is a rescued Chocolate Lab mixed with a little pit bull and a lot of crazy.  We had tried other training programs, and even a different on-site boot camp with Gypsy, but we were having minimal results.  She is super high energy, defiant, was a little stand-offish, and exhibited some a lot of undesirable behavior to include barking, pulling on a leash, poor recall, and some separation anxiety.    She was a sweetheart at the core (and still is)  but just did not care to listen to us when there was anything else going on.

The transition that happened over 4 weeks with Graham was eye-watering.  Her recall is spot on, even when she takes off after a rabbit or something.  She gets in her “place” when she is told because she is getting too rowdy.  At this point I rarely even bring a leash when I take her for walks.  She is glued to my leg until I tell her “free.”  We can now appreciate her full personality, and she has become much more loving as a result.  Overall, it was well worth the time and money spent for a dog we will have for many years to come.

We eventually sent our other dog “Blue” to go for some training.  Blue is about a 6 year old Texas Lacey that we got from a shelter a few years ago.  He is a great dog and was never such a pain in the neck as Gypsy, but he was quite a puller on the leash and had zero recall when something better (like a Bird) was an option.  As we walk both of the dogs together, it was very difficult when Gypsy was trying to be good but Blue was running after poodles.  So, we sent blue to a 2 week camp with Graham to focus mainly on recall, heel, and a little bit of place.  Again the result was awesome.  I have no issues letting him off leash with Gypsy now on the trails, confident that he will come back to me if needed.  He walks right next to Gypsy on walks, where he used to pull ahead or lag behind.

The bottom line is we now have 2 dogs that we can pretty much take anywhere.  They go to their place when the doorbell rings, they come when called, and they are a pleasure to take on a walk.  As for Graham and the whole SDT team and operation, it is top class.  Very professional, organized, neat and clean with a great staff.  I cannot recommend them enough.”

— Allan C



I have been taking my dog, Toto, to the Pacific Pet Resort™ for years. The staff is outstanding. Toto has so much fun at the doggie daycare, she is so tired when we pick her up. I have tried several other doggie daycare places but Toto doesn’t show the excitement she shows us anywhere other than the Pet Hotel. Keep up the great work.

— John and Toni Soucy

“I’ve been bringing my Belgian Malinois since he was 3 months old and has known the staff since. He comes home with little to no energy most times and other times, needs assistance getting out of our car. I was a skeptic and scared at first to allow my pup to be cared by people he and I didn’t know. He grew familiar and loves it there now that he has been going there often. Iroh is now one and still comes home tired just like when he was 3 months old. Safe to say that, this daycare updates the pet parents of any changes I.e. vomiting, limping, etc.basically anything out of the norm. So far, Iroh loves it and comes home happy!”

— Jeanine F

“I absolutely LOVE Pacific Pet Resort™! I bring my boy Ziggy here for doggy daycare. He loves it, and is always so happy when I pick him up. The first time I brought him they gave me a tour, and showed me the outdoor daycare area. Anthony and the other front staff are super friendly, explain everything very clear, and are always happy. I haven’t had to board him yet, but when I do it will be here.”

— Michele S