Choosing the Best Vacation Home for Your Cat

June 12, 2017

cat hotel vacationCat owners know that cats don’t travel well. When you leave town, you need to find the best vacation home possible for your cat. Let us help you decide how to treat your four-legged friends to their own holidays while you are away from home.

Keeping your cat at home is an option that many cat owners consider, but it is seldom the best one. While cats that are left alone experience the comfort of their own homes and comfortable environments, they are left without a watchful eye. The money you save on not boarding your cats may be spent quickly when you return. Bored cats have a tendency to break or soil their owner’s items when left alone. Sick cats that do not get immediate help may suffer from devastating consequences.

Hiring a pet sitter might be a good solution if you are certain that sitter is trustworthy and will take the best care of your pet. The downside to pet sitters is that they must be trusted to come into your home while you are away. You must also take them at their word that they are providing the care they promised. In addition, a pet sitter often costs more than cat lodging, even when they provide fewer services.

Cat boarding is often the best choice. These mini-vacation homes for cats allow you to feel at ease, knowing your pet is cared for around-the-clock. Excellent cat hotels offer clean rooms, regular feeding times, plenty of room to play and a well-trained staff that knows how to interact with even the friskiest felines. Cat hotels also have access to emergency veterinary care. Your cat won’t have to wait for treatment if an illness occurs.

In addition, to cover the day-to-day basics of your cat’s needs, a cat hotel may offer other services. Cat bathing is not for the faint of heart. Choose a provider that knows how to bathe your cat so you don’t have to.

Cats who stay at Pacific Pet Resort™ have personal condos with balconies in an air-conditioned environment with plenty of natural light. Pacific Pet Resort™ also offers Purr ‘n Play sessions that give your cat one-on-one play with a member of our friendly staff. Call Pacific Pet Resort™ today at 760-433-3088 or stop by to see our pet boarding facility. Your cat will thank you.