How to Choose The Type of Training for Your Dog

March 21, 2017

Pet owners understand that their dogs are just like humans, each with their unique personalities and temperaments influenced largely by genes (breed), experiences, and environment. Owners must also be aware that different dogs will have specific peculiarities that will require different types of training.

Training Your Dog Based on Age

training your dog

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Raising an obedient dog starts early on, according to dog experts. Dog owners will reap great benefits if training is started during puppyhood. Dog experts advise puppy owners to enroll their pets in puppy training as soon as possible. Small dog breeds (those weighing less than 30 pounds) need to have completed their puppy training before reaching 9 months of age, as these breeds mature quicker than larger breeds. Medium and larger-sized dogs can remain puppies from 9 months to 2 years, giving them a bit more time to mature. Puppy training is as much a learning process for you as it is for your pet. This is really a  process that you continue once you take your puppy home, as you practice how best to give commands that your pet follows.

A one-on-one training session is best for your puppy. These are individually tailored for your pet based on its own unique behaviors. One-on-one training also makes sure that your dog is not distracted by anything else.

If your dog is older and has never been enrolled in a puppy training class before or did complete a class but might need a refresher, then it should be entered into a standard obedience class instead. Your dog will learn to listen and respond to commands in these types of classes. These training classes are usually made for small groups and are a perfect chance for you to practice giving commands in the presence of distractions such as other dogs.

Bad Dog Behavior: How To Correct It

Does your dog have undesirable behaviors such as barking at kids, digging up your backyard plants, jumping on visitors, or chewing on furniture? Dog problems such as these can be unlearned through behavior training.

If your dog displays aggressive behavior such as barking, growling, or lunging at people or other pets, private lessons may be needed to address these problems.

A private training lesson will help you and your pet understand how to control specific problems. Before you commit to a training class, consulting with a local training facility that will assess your dog and your situation will be best. Sometimes you may find that just one class is enough to correct your dog’s bad behavior.

Another option for correcting your dog’s behavior would be in-home training classes. Your home environment will give your dog a chance to unlearn his nervous or aggressive behavior in a familiar setting.  Some pet owners find that their pets only behave badly while at home.

Training that takes place in your home gives your excitable or aggressive dog the opportunity to learn in an environment it is used to. This can be very important for those pets who only exhibit behavioral problems while at home or who are only extremely aggressive in unfamiliar situations.

Time Constraints When Training Your Pet

Most dog owners say that they simply don’t have the time for pet training. However, your dog also suffers when training is neglected. There are several options for the busy pet owners and their pets.

Some animals may get by with a one-day refresher course. These classes are intended for pets that might have already been successfully trained but still have some minor behavior problems that need to be corrected. The success of these classes is dependent upon follow up training at home.

In-home training might be the best option for busy pet owners. You can avoid the stress of long commutes that are often so common in San Diego by hiring an in-home trainer. These sessions are also customized for your pet so you are assured that you won’t just receive a cookie-cutter training package that may not work at all for your dog.

A lodge-based training program is another popular option for dog owners who find that they have no time. These types of programs are often only for puppies, but they allow you to leave your dog at a facility that then works continuously with them until they learn basic commands.  A pet boarding facility that has dog training services may be the best option for other owners as these places are used to handling different types of dogs.

Owners mustn’t neglect their own needs when looking for a pet trainer. Questions owners might ask include: How much time do I have to spend working with my dog? How much outside time will he or she have? Do I simply want a refresher course or do I want something more comprehensive? Answer these questions and you will be well on your way to deciding the right type of training for your pet.

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