Why Should I Board My Dog at a Pet Hotel Instead of at My Veterinarian’s?

March 21, 2017

Having to board pets is a situation that is common for pet owners. Pet owners faced with this situation for the first time are often filled with a sense of trepidation and dread. It is not at all easy to decide what the best option is for your beloved companion when you will be away from home. Should you choose a specialized boarding facility that excels in pet hospitality or should you opt for your local veterinarian’s boarding facilities so that your beloved pet will be left in good hands?

Pet Boarding at Your Veterinarian’s Office

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While there are advantages to leaving your pet at your local vet’s office, boarding with a veterinary hospital might not be such as good idea. The best argument for using the vet’s facilities is that your pet is sure to receive immediate, excellent care in the case of an emergency as long as that emergency takes place during regular office hours. However, many veterinarian boarding facilities normally employ personnel who might lack the proper training to watch your pet after hours. The human contact that your pet will experience at these places won’t be with the caring hands of your vet, but possible from a person who lacks the skill in interacting with animals.

Unfortunately, there are many downsides that come with boarding with your veterinarian. Your dog will likely associate a visit to the vet’s with a traumatic or stressful situation since your pet likely only visits the veterinarian when injured, sick, or when receiving shots, staying in this type of facility may cause your pet undue stress. This stress might cause more than mental distress and can possibly cause your dog from eating, lead to self-induced injury, or cause diarrhea and even vomiting.

Another problem with veterinarian facilities is that their kennels are often small metal cages that are uncomfortable to most pets who are not used to being confined. Staying in harsh, cold environments in these places for days or weeks can take a toll on your pet, increasing the stress of being boarded. Most veterinary hospitals do not have yards or open spaces for playtime. Being boarded in a restrictive cage for days at a time can lead to mental stress as well as physical discomfort to your pet.

The biggest downside in using a veterinary boarding facility is that your pet will possibly be staying next to other animals who are sick. The worst thing that can happen is that they catch something from being exposed to contagious canine diseases for extended periods. Dogs are extremely sensitive creatures who can sense pain and suffering in others, especially animals. If another dog is in pain, your dog is likely to sense this and share in their pain.

Choosing a Pet Hotel

There are only a few disadvantages to dog boarding at a pet hotel. If your pet needs special care while you are away, the pet hotel may not be able to take your dog to your regular vet. However, places like Pacific Pet Resort™ have a relationship with a variety of excellent veterinarians.

The pros to taking your dog to stay in a dog hotel while you are away from home greatly outnumber the cons. These facilities are much more comfortable facilities for pets. Many offer a home-like environment, making your pet feel at ease and reducing stress. Dog hotels are also more equipped to meet your pet’s special needs. These places normally allow you to choose what type of food and treats your dog receives, which may not always be the case at veterinary hospitals. You may also be able to decide whether your dog socializes with other pets or if your more solitary companion should be walked solo and tended to individually.

Dog training, which can give your companion a boost while you are away, is offered at some special dog hotels. Services such as grooming or even pet training can be availed at dog hotels. Residents of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside and the surrounding areas of North County often ask for cage-free boarding, which can be an excellent option.

The best dog hotels offer high quality care even after business hours. Your pet doesn’t stop needing attention at five o’clock. You can rest assured in the fact that your pet is comfortable and safe around the clock.

Another advantage dog hotels have is that they offer other services besides around the clock care. Doggie day care is offered for those emergencies when you know you will be in long meetings and can’t make it home to spend time with your pet. Dog daycare is a great option for pets that need companionship during the day that you simply can’t provide. Veterinary hospitals rarely offer day care services.

Whichever choice you make, contacting the facility in advance would be wise. Take a tour of the facility where your dog will be staying. Ask about activities and potty breaks. If possible, get references and do research on your own before choosing a facility. Your pet is a part of your family and choosing the best place to board should never be an afterthought. Call Pacific Pet Resort™ at 760-433-3088 for your pet boarding and day care needs in Encinitas and Carlsbad.