Dog Boot Camp Training vs. Private Lessons: Making the Right Choice for Your Dog

July 21, 2017

Different dogs have different needs. At Pacific Pet Resort™, we understand that not every dog can be trained in the same way. This is why we offer multiple training options. This quick rundown of each will help you choose the optimal option for your best friend.

Doggie Bootcamp/In Kennel Training

Board and Train programs are conducted onsite at Pacific Pet Resort™ with our partner company, Specialty Dog Training. We ensure that your dog is well cared for while at our dog boarding facility and treat each pup like our own. Over the course of his/her stay, your dog will learn basic obedience commands while also being housed at a dog hotel that is clean and comfortable.

In-kennel training is an excellent choice for pet owners who do not have time to devote to regular training. It can be carried out while you are on vacation, giving you the opportunity to combine a needed boarding stay with the training you desire. All that is required of you is to attend two- one-hour private lessons post-camp so you can continue the training at home.

Private Lessons

Private lessons could be a good choice for any dog, but some dogs need private lessons in order to excel. These lessons allow the trainer to focus solely on you and your dog. You receive personalized training that can be altered to suit your pet’s specific needs.

One-on-one private dog training lessons are great for dogs who are easily distracted by others. They are also excellent for pet owners who have schedules that are not flexible enough to allow for pre-scheduled, group courses. Private lessons are a good choice for dogs of all ages, including those who have been previously trained but may need a refresher.

Pacific Pet Resort™ provides a comprehensive, private lesson packages. These one-hour, weekly lessons will help you with basic commands. They also tackle any behavioral problems your dog may have. If you have any particular issues with your dog, talk them over with the trainer so they can be addressed.

In both cases, training takes place in the facility at Pacific Pet Resort™. However, there is a third option that is sometimes even better for some pet owners. Private lessons can be held in your home, which might be the best choice if your dog has behavioral problems. Charging at the door, barking at neighbors and chewing on furniture are some of the items that can be tackled with in-home, private lessons.

Still not sure which option you should choose? Call Pacific Pet Resort™ today at (760) 433-3088 or use our online form to submit your question. We can help you decide which training path is the right one for you and your pet.