How to Continue Your Dog’s Training While You Are Away

July 20, 2017

pet trainingA trip away from home means finding the best possible atmosphere for your pets. A dog boarding service is often the right choice, especially when you find one that offers top-notch care for your best friend. Lodging gives your pet access to round-the-clock, personalized care so you know they are always happy and healthy. Unfortunately, an extended absence may mean that any dog training must be halted. How can you keep your dog’s training intact while you are away? The answer to that question may be simpler than you think.

Don’t Make Assumptions About Dog Lodging

When picking lodging for your pet, discuss training maintenance with handlers. Most boarding facilities will not intuitively work with your pet. However, discussing your needs with them can greatly help. If training maintenance is important to you, dog hotels, like Pacific Pet Resort™, may offer to conduct training programs in your absence.

Find the Right Dog Hotel

It is vital that, when seeking lodging, you find a spot that has the ability to train in a way that won’t confuse your pet. Your goal is to maintain training, but the wrong type of training could actually cause your pet to regress. Pacific Pet Resort™ offers in-house training for dogs that have not been previously trained and fall between the ages of four months and one year. Because this boarding facility employs handlers who are extremely well-versed in dog training, they have the knowledge and capability to continue working with your pet regardless of his or her level of training.

Understand Your Pet

Dogs are intelligent creatures. They are also creatures of habit. Prepare your dog for boarding by refreshing training both before and after you leave. Your pet may suffer a brief setback, but should be able to pick back up lessons learned fairly quickly, especially if you are consistent with your training schedule. Of course, the longer you board your dog, the more stringent you must be with your pre- and post-boarding training.

Other Tips

Certain items are key for keeping your dog’s training intact while boarding. Provide the boarding facility with the treats you use for training while at home. If you use a clicker or some other type of reward system, make sure the handlers at your chosen facility have access to these as well.

Remember that all training is most effective when your dog feels safe and secure. Choose a dog hotel with a clean, comfortable environment. Make sure pet care technicians are properly trained. Ensure your dog will have a happy environment to stay and play, and you should have no problem with resuming training upon your return.

Pacific Pet Resort™ has been serving the Oceanside community since 1979. We are a full-service pet hotel, offering boarding, training and bathing for dogs and cats. Our highly trained staff provides love and care to your pets, ensuring that your best pals are as happy away from home as they are when they are with you. Call Pacific Pet Resort™ at (760) 433-3088 for more information.