The Nose Knows: Nose-Work for Your Best Friend

May 24, 2017

Dog training doesn’t need to stop with simple obedience. Some dogs are destined for more intense training, like good citizenship training or even police work. Most dogs simply want to have fun and provide companionship. These dogs can be trained in multiple ways as well. One very rewarding way to train your dog is with nose-work.

Not Just for Police Dogs

Police dogs are known for the ability to sniff out contrabanK9 nose workd like illicit drugs or weapons. These dogs are invaluable because they are able to do things that no human can. A dog is born with a sense of smell that is naturally made to sniff out certain odors. Training dogs to use this sense of smell can be a fun activity for all involved.

Nose-work detection allows dogs to find objects simply by using their natural instincts. They can then play hide-and-seek with treats or favorite toys. Dog owners love nose-work because it can keep pets happily occupied for hours and in multiple locations. Nose-work is fun inside, outside or even when away from home.

Nose-Work Training How-To

Training your dog in nose-work is surprisingly simple. Your dog does not need previous obedience training classes because nose-work builds on natural instincts rather than a training background. Begin by teaching dogs to follow strong scents. Experts use scents like birch, anise and clove. These scents are easily detectable but not harmful or off-putting like some others.

Using one of these odors, scent a toy or a piece of cloth, and then hide it in a location that is somewhat easy to find. Give your dog a whiff of the scent, and then send them on their way. Each time the dog finds the scented object, give him or her a treat and some praise. Follow this up by hiding the object further away and in increasingly difficult spots each time. With a little bit of time and a lot of patience, your dog will be able to sniff out practically any item you choose.

Leaving it to Professionals

Lots of pet owners simply don’t have the time to devote to adequately train their dogs. If this is the case for you, a solution may be to talk to a professional dog trainer. Pacific Pet Resort™ has been working with dogs and cats since 1979. They provide expert pet training, bathing, boarding, and doggy daycare services. Call Pacific Pet Resort™ today for tips on nose-work training or any other activities you and your pet may enjoy. You can reach us now at 760-433-3088.