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How to Continue Your Dog’s Training While You Are Away

A trip away from home means finding the best possible atmosphere for your pets. A dog boarding service is often the right choice, especially when you find one that offers top-notch care for your best friend. Lodging gives your pet access to round-the-clock, personalized care so you know they are always happy and healthy. Unfortunately, […]

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The Nose Knows: Nose-Work for Your Best Friend

Dog training doesn’t need to stop with simple obedience. Some dogs are destined for more intense training, like good citizenship training or even police work. Most dogs simply want to have fun and provide companionship. These dogs can be trained in multiple ways as well. One very rewarding way to train your dog is with […]

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K-9 Trials in Oceanside

Oceanside’s First Ever K-9 Trials

Looking for something to howl about? K-9 Trials are coming to Oceanside! Everyone in the community is invited to enjoy this free event. Dog lovers will delight as they watch K-9 teams engage in a competition to receive the coveted title of Top Dog. The event takes place on April 22, 2017 at El Camino […]

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How to Choose The Type of Training for Your Dog

Pet owners understand that their dogs are just like humans, each with their unique personalities and temperaments influenced largely by genes (breed), experiences, and environment. Owners must also be aware that different dogs will have specific peculiarities that will require different types of training. Training Your Dog Based on Age Raising an obedient dog starts […]

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